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Technology IOR/EOR Services

In today’s fast evolving technological era, global trade poses endless challenges. From administering complex trade laws and regulations to checking compliance and ensuring seamless import and export processes, the need for robust supply chain solutions is looming over the IT/ICT companies of today.  

The import and trade of dual-use IT equipment has become a growing challenge as products in this category require specific licenses and permits in most countries, further complicating the movement of equipment with multiple use applications. 

Unlock your global IT potential with TLS Technology

TLS Technology Australia New Zealand Pvt Ltd stands at the forefront with its supply chain, offering tailor-made and personalised Importer and Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) services, specifically designed to address trade compliance, legal documentation and smooth custom clearance of IT equipment.  

Operating on a global scale presents the technology sector with intricate global trade dynamics. Varying regulations and compliance standards carry significant barriers for tech businesses, thus limiting their operations across borders.  

Do you lack presence in destinations where your customers want equipment delivered? Is local know-how of trade compliance and licenses your limitation to move IT equipment across borders? TLS Technology assists your business even if you have zero footprint in a country/region, through our certified team of experts across 190 + destinations.  

This allows us to utilise our in-house knowledge of compliance and trade regulations in all major countries. Our team of exclusive custom specialists handle the entire import and export procedures with utmost diligence and operational efficiency. From handling the paperwork, overseeing the necessary licenses or permits on equipment to clearing the goods and organising last-mile delivery, specialists actively work on addressing the relevant concerns for optimisation of time.

Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) technology services

A strong grip on the landmark destinations in South-East Asia such as Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam distinguishes us from our marque competitors. Other destinations where we are trusted include India, Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and EU countries, among others. 

We are fast gaining a footprint in most destinations in the African and LATAM regions due to our local expertise in IOR/EOR services there. This can be attributed to the rapidly growing movement of IT equipment to these regions in the last decade. TLS Technology helps its clients’ eliminate the burden of establishing legal entities in various countries. 

With our comprehensive understanding of supply chain management, global import/export logistics solutions, and trade compliance, we have simplified the cross-border trade for the technology industry.

Benefits and solutions we provide:

  • – Cutting-edge technological solutions  
  • – 24/7 Customer Service  
  • – Advanced tracking systems 
  • – Knowledge on compliance and local regulations across the world  
  • – Robust logistics networks even in remote locations 
  • – Import/export trade laws  
  • – Logistics networks  
  • – Trusted and reliable supply chain partner – Need of the hour!


Worldwide security standards, (i.e. laws and regulations) involve strict compliance and restraints on movement of equipment that can result in delay or disapproval of custom clearance. Partnering with an importer of record (IOR) provider like TLS Technology simplifies the complexities of technology trade, thereby protecting the goods that are being imported to or exported from any country. This common concern of not finding a trustable and reliable IOR technology provider restricts the global operations of most tech companies today. 

Here is how TLS Technology differentiates itself from other players

  • – We provide a No Obligation Quote with compliance instructions to customers, so they are aware of certifications and paperwork required even before the equipment is moved. This builds trust and transparency from the get go. 
  • – Our IOR/EOR services enable the hassle-free movement of hardware, including (but not limited to) medical machinery, telecom products, printing, data centre hardware, networking, and satellite technology. In addition to compliance, we focus on efficiency and creating processes that eases the in-house know-how of cross-border trade. 
  • – We serve a wide range of industries  
  • – We understand the importance of personalising and customising the needs of our clients across varied industries. These include medical industry, network security, equipment manufacturers, data storage companies, printing devices, telecommunications, and value added resellers (VARs).  

Ready to simplify your global technology trade operations?

Reach out to TLS Technologies for personalised consultations and expert insights on IOR/EOR services tailor-made for you. Our team of specialists is dedicated to optimising your global trade journey, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and peace of mind.  

Let us handle the complexities while you focus on pushing the boundaries of technology!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our physical presence by having Head Office in Adelaide Australia and New Zealand makes the process easy and smooth. We have in house custom broker, logistics experts and trade certification experts who makes the process smoother and faster. YOUR SHIPMENT IN SAFE HAND!!!

Licensing and permits
What import permits, quarantine permits and treatments apply to your specific category and type of imported goods and whether they are subject to mandatory safety or information standards. If you don’t follow the correct steps and regulations, you will risk breaking the law and not receiving your imports.

YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!! your goods might be duty free, enquire within to find out more details get the instant quote. APPLY FOR GST/VAT REFUND WITH OUR EXPERTS, CHECK YOUR ESTIMATED GST RETURN EVEN BEFORE YOU SEND THE SHIPMENT.

If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free to Reach Out To Us!

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