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We offer IOR services right from documentation, custom clearance, trade compliance to logistics and distribution of technology hardware, telecom products and medical equipment to over 155+ countries worldwide. Our services include door-to-door distribution, custom clearance, air and road freight, importer/exporter of record services, office and data center deliveries.

Our common shipping orders include hardware technology, IT infrastructure equipment, personal IT equipment, data center accessories, medical supplies, printing technology, network, satellite, radio technology, among others.
Depending upon the clients, we sometimes customize the range of products that we include in the ambit of our purview.

We are currently providing IOR services to 155+ countries worldwide. We offer warehousing and distribution as well for our shipments. To refer a list of countries that we operate in, view our coverage map.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we render our IOR and EOR services to enterprises all over the world who procure orders for international markets.
We work with value added resellers (VARs), distributors and manufacturers, IT solutions providers, cloud service providers, network security firms, data storage companies, and any other companies that need assistance in deploying hardware to any international locations.

We do not assist in the sale of any hardware or software technology. We primarily ensure that all shipments reach the international destination where the customer’s buyer is situated.

You can email us at
Typically, we require the following details for a better idea.
Bill of Materials which includes product description, quantity, unit value, origin address, destination address and timeline requirements.

Under a single contract, TLS Technology offers expert services from moving IT equipment internationally to providing warehousing, distribution, and project management to ensure timelines are met. We offer communication support and end-to-end process handling as well.
Unlike other logistics provider, we will reduce the headache related to shipping formalities by taking charge of all formalities related to shipment.

We provide you with the relevant documentation which varies according to the country of origin and destination. We are in touch with the customer to advise them on what is required and what is not.

IOR rates are based on a percentage of the shipment’s value. Once we receive the details of the shipment, we will give you a ballpark as well as accurate figure with a breakdown of the costs.

If you are shipping your technology products to a country where you do not have a registered business entity that can assist you in imports, you will need to render IOR services from a provider like us.
For instance, if you are shipping some products to a company in a foreign land and they are not willing or unable to register the import in their name, you will need to reach out to an IOR provider.
Sometimes, you might need to ship to a business in a foreign country where they do not have authorization to import technology hardware. In such cases as well, you will need to reach out to an IOR provider.

If you are exporting the shipment from a country where you have no registered business entity, then you will need an EOR provider.
For more details, you can reach out to us

Our local registered partners in each country handle all import related clearances. They are experienced players in the local market and aware of the trade compliances, permits and import related paperwork. Without any third-party intervention, we manage all import licenses on your behalf. Additionally, we also procure any local certificates that are essential to conform to the import related formalities.